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  1. Oven Cleaning - The price quoted for our eco oven cleaning service covers costs for the operative attending a customers premises, inspection and testing of appliances before commencing cleaning. The price also includes labour charges, cleaning materials and solutions for cleaning purposes.
    If upon inspection of appliances a fault or damage is discovered, this is will be pointed out and where appropriate a customer may be requested to sign a disclaimer or be advised on a remedy, repair or need for spare parts before cleaning commences. Any additional work is then charged in addition to the cleaning booked.

  2. Guarantee - All spare parts supplied by GS are covered by manufacturers guarantee. All cleaning provided by GS is insured and guaranteed.

  3. Booking Confirmation - We will always aim to arrange an appointment to suit customers stipulated preferred times and dates. Appointments are secured once confirmation of preferred appointment has been supplied to the customer.

  4. Accessibility - If an appliance to be cleaned is built into a unit or fitted between units, it cannot be removed by an operative for cleaning purposes.  If an oven is a stand-alone unit it also cannot be 'pulled out' to be cleaned. This is for customers and operatives safety therefore please refrain from requesting the operative to facilitate moving of such appliances. Only internal parts from the appliance, such as stainless steel, racking, shelving, side plates, top plates, oven bulbs covers can be removed to enable access to internal areas of an appliance for cleaning. Mechanical or electrical components will not be removed whilst cleaning.

  5. Appliance Conditions - When booking an oven, hob, extractor hood or microwave to be cleaned we will assume, unless otherwise advised, the appliances are in working order, can be switched on and are located in a domestic kitchen.

  6. Water Requirements - We will need access to hot water, so please ensure sinks are clear or a kettle is available if hot running water is not.

  7. Customer Cancellation - Where a booking is cancelled or postponed less than 24 hours prior to the appointment, GS Appliance LTD reserve the right to charge £40 missed appointment fee  to cover costs and losses following the cancelled appointment.

  8. Customer Non Attendance - Where a customer has agreed a booking with GS Appliance LTD and fails to be in attendance, or fails to provide access to the property, GS Appliance LTD will only wait 15 minutes after agreed booking time, unless the customer has contacted GS Appliance LTD prior to the booking to advise of any delay. Where a customer fails to attend the agreed booking, there is a fee payable of 100% of the booked work value.

  9. Customer Rescheduling - Where three consecutive booked appointments are cancelled or postponed in succession, GS Appliance LTD reserve the right to not offer any further appointments.

  10. Non Attendance - GS Appliance LTD will not be liable for any delay to or cancellation of the booking caused by circumstances beyond our control (including but not limited to fire, flood, strike, exceptional traffic circumstances, lack of adequate power or breakage or failure of machinery or apparatus).

  11. Exceptional Circumstances - In such circumstances GS Appliance LTD will endeavour to arrange an alternative booking suitable to both parties for the performance of services. Where GS Appliance LTD fails to carry out an agreed service due to circumstances within our control, our liability shall be limited to providing the agreed service at no additional charge at a mutually convenient alternative time and in no event shall GS Appliance LTD be liable for any other losses including loss of profit or consequential loss.

  12. Upon Completion - On completion of the work please check you are happy with the work carried out.  If there is anything you are not happy with regarding our service please mention it immediately to your Technician so that they can rectify the issue.  If you are not at home please report any issues to our office within 24 hours

  13. Notice of Dispute - Any complaints of dissatisfaction or breakages, etc. must be reported no more than 72 hours following your appointment and we will not accept liability for except in unusual circumstances, although we will still endeavour to help you resolve the issue any additional costs may be your responsibility.

  14. Payment - Payment for all works carried out is made payable on the day upon completion of the clean/works. Payment is not normally taken before hand, unless booking a gift voucher, ordering a spare part or in circumstance where the customer will not be available at the property on completion of the clean/works to make payment.  In such cases card payment is taken upon booking of services.

  15. Parts - If 'standard' spares are required, such as bulbs, door or glass seals and gaskets, these are carried by operatives and can be supplied and fitted by the operative on the day of cleaning.

  16. Replacement Parts - Spares not carried by the operative as standard, can be ordered.  Spare parts ordered by us directly from the manufacturer is entirely dependent upon the customer supplying correct part, model or serial numbers as requested.  Although we aim to provide spares and parts within 72 hours, manufacturers and other third party suppliers may vary in their delivery scope. We will always endeavour to provide accurate information and status reports regarding delivery time to customers.

  17. Appliance Technician - Please note an operative attending an appointment to clean an oven/appliance will NOT be able to repair or fit a gas appliance or gas components, as our operatives are NOT qualified or registered to carry out such work. We would always recommend you ensure use of a  fully qualified gas safe engineer for such works to be carried out.  We can however, supply gas appliance/spares/parts and arrange for an appropriate professional to attend on a separate occasion.

  18. Parts - Where appropriate, it is the responsibility of customers to provide operatives with necessary parking vouchers permits when arriving at premises to conduct work.

  19.  Approval - You agree to GS oven cleaning to use your details for the use of marketing and to enable us to provide our services or products to you or the organisation you work for.


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