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Are you making these oven cleaning mistakes?

Updated: May 20, 2021

Cleaning the oven sure is a pain. There is grease all over it, splatters and generally unsightly stains on the interior that make you frown just by thinking about it. It is no surprise that so many people hate the chore.

Have you ever heard the saying that prevention is better than the cure? It applies in full force to the oven cleaning chore. It is okay to feel like postponing oven cleaning, but it is not okay to make it more difficult than it needs to be by making certain mistakes.

Let's talk about things that increase the difficulty in keeping your oven clean:

You never use a liner - rookie error

By preventing the oven from becoming a mess in the first place, you are essentially saving yourself a ton of effort. A straightforward way of doing this is to start using a liner. This is a non-sticking sheet, which you can place on the oven floor whenever you are cooking something. That way you will never have to clean the oven floor again, as the sheet will catch drips and spills.

You don't use cooking bags

One more thing you should not forget to do in regards to mess prevention is to use cooking bags. Whether you are doing fish, vegetables or roast in the oven, you can put the food in a bag. That way it will not send off greasy spills all over the oven interior and make cleaning of the appliance much easier.

You leave a mess for too long - big mistake

The longer you leave burnt-on debris inside the oven, the harder they become to remove. What you should do is get in the habit of doing a quick wipe after the oven has had time to cool off. That way you will hardly ever need to invest much time cleaning accumulated grime.

You don't clean the shelves

The walls and floor of the oven aren't the only areas you need to clean. The shelves often accumulate stains and become quite nasty over time, and it is a mistake to ignore them. What you can do is put them in the sink or bathtub to soak. Use a cleaning solution of your choice to give them a good scrub once the gunk has softened. It is an easy way to ensure this part of the oven is clean and shiny.

You don't clean the glass door

As you open the oven door, you will sometimes forget to clean it. That is until you have to check on how your dish is doing the next time you cook, and you only see smudges and stains. One of the best ways to clean the oven glass is to scrape off any burnt-on debris gently. You can then use baking soda and water to deal with the remaining spoils.

As you can see, there are plenty of mistakes that you can make in regards to oven cleaning. All of them make the chore more difficult and so you really should aim to avoid them.

If your oven is in real need of a clean then simplest answer to this is - get the professionals in GS Oven Cleaning & Appliance Repair to do the dirty work for you.

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